Nath Sampradayacha Itihas

(History of the Nath sect)

Padmagandha Prakashan,
Published in 2001,
(Pages 279).

The book consists of two parts. The first part deals with the history of Nath sect. It was written way back in 1952. It had won a prize for the dissertation. However it got published in 1959. In the recent edition the entire dissertation forms the first part. The second part appended to the book includes the later writings by Dr. Dhere, relating to Nath sect.

The contents of the book are as follows:
In the first part, the first chapter discusses rise and spread of Nath sect. The next chapter discusses biography of Guru Gorakshnath describing his importance and his work. Some of the prominent Nath-Siddhas are introduced in the next chapter. The existence of Nath sect is elaborated in the next chapter. The influence of Nath sect is described in the next chapter. At the end the reference material is cited.

The next part starts with a general discussion on the literature of Nath-Sidhdha and Maharashtra. In the continuation of the discussion, some of the specific works such as Dnyanakaivalya, Nathaleelamrut and Nathaleelavilas are introduced. Some in formations of their authors is elaborated. The salient features of the works are brought out. Some of the assorted works of the followers from the Nath sect such as Gopalnath, Shyamrajnana and Ganganath are elaborated further.

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